About us


To achieve excellence in all our activities, establish high business growth in Sri Lanka and all developing global markets.  We will be acknowledged as competitive market leaders in all of our market segments.



To remain a respected partner to both our customers and Principals.  We will achieve this through strong communication with everyone, and ensuring that the requirements of the customers are always paramount.  All of our services and tasks must add value to both the Principal supplier and the end customer.


Consequent to the demerger of the German Chemical conglomerate Hoechst AG in 1997, HighChem R Ceylon Company (Private) Limited was formed to represent the companies that were demerged. Resultantly HRCC(P)L commenced operations in 9/1997 and today operates with 4 fully fledged divisions and a subsidiary company. The details of which are:


•  Medical Diagnostic/Laboratory Equipment and Allied Products (MD&AP Division)

•  Industrial Chemicals and Allied Products (IC&AP Division)

•   Electrostatic Powder Coatings and Allied Products (PC&AP Division)

•   Veterinary Diagnostics and Laboratory Services.

• HighChem R Trade Services (fully owned subsidiary of HRCC(P)L) dealing with clearing and forwarding sea and air freight cargo.

 A more detailed description of all our services is available on this site.


Our credo is to maintain an unblemished record be it with our stakeholders, Principals or customers. This is achieved by maintaining the highest quality standards be it in our products or services and are demonstrated by our long standing,  trained and competent staff members. Our Principals and products  are nothing but the best and are all  world and market leaders. This gives our customers, in all markets, the confidence to deal with us and it’s why we are successful.