HighChem R Vet Labs

We provide laboratory diagnostic service utilizing our in-house facilities as well as a new point-of-care animal health service.  We evaluate the animal’s overall health to identify treatment and cure.

This is a first in Sri Lanka, offering services direct to the animal health sector.  HighChem R – Vet Lab spearheads this operation exclusively for veterinary applications.  Our experts provide Biochemistry point-of-care test (POCT)such as electrolyte, immunoassay, coagulation and chemistry tests for animal health diagnosis.  POCT single chemistry test analyses up to 25 diagnostic parameters covering 26 species (Multiple Chemistry test in one), We also offer Hematology test and we are importers of Vet Ultrasound scanners for the industry. All services are available to both the State and Private sector veterinary clinics and hospitals.

A comprehensive report identifying abnormalities and clinical significance will be offered to the veterinary clinician and animal owner.

In addition, we provide a point-of-care chemistry, electrolyte, immunoassay and coagulation tests for animal health diagnosis.  This single test analyses up to 25 diagnostic parameters covering 26 species.  It delivers a report identifying abnormalities of clinical significance to assist the clinician or animal owner.