Press Article



On the 1st September 1997 HighChem R Ceylon Company (Private) Limited was formed consequent to the demerger of the chemical conglomerate Hoechst AG and indeed the past 25 years has been extremely challenging and rewarding.

MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS – Having started with a modest range of products, we now have the full complement of diagnostic machines and reagents capable of meeting almost any need of a laboratory. I am also very pleased to place on record that we have pioneered in the world’s most up to date machines/technology in the field of allergy and allergy research so much so that what is installed in Sri Lanka is not available in most Asian and south Asian countries including India. We are also the first to install a fully automated testing platform for autoimmune diseases, which is currently the one and only in the country. Veterinary diagnostics hitherto performed on human diagnostics machines has been revolutionized by HRCC(P)L. Veterinary specific machines and reagents for biochemistry, hematology, immunoassays/viruses, veterinary gas anesthesia and even ultra sound scanners is now available to the veterinary fraternity. All our  roducts and services are from world renowned suppliers from the USA, WG, UK, China, India, Sweden and Turkey.

LAB OUT SOURCING – 15 years ago we found that there was a dire need to meet the requirements of certain tests not being done in Sri Lanka. As such, we teamed up with 2 CAP accredited USA based reference labs in India and we send blood, serum and wax blocks for investigations. Since these are reference labs there is no need for a second and third opinion and I must say this operation has been of tremendous benefit to the medical profession and patients alike.

INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALAS – We continue to represent a former subsidiary of Hoechst AG specializing in cellulose sausage casing for the meat industry. To the same industry we supply natural smoke in liquid form! In the past smoked meats were smoked using natural smoke but today many meat processors use our liquid smoke because of its safety profile, convenience of use and consistency in quality. Isolated Soya protein and the only Caustic soda in micro pearl form is sold by us.

POWDER COATINGS – Electrostatic powder coatings used in the aluminum and steel industries. In 1994 it was at Hoechst that for the first time in Sri Lanka ex stock powders were imported and sold. Today we provide total solutions to the entire powder coating industry that includes pretreating chemicals, powder coatings booths, guns and ovens. Our suppliers are mainly from the US, Indonesia and China.

SUBSIDIARY COMPANY – In 2003 HighChem R Trade Services (Private) Limited was formed mainly to clear HRCC(P)L air and sea  reight cargo. Ever since, we have selectively formed an exclusive customer base and we do their sea and air freight cargo clearing. All our staff members are customs ‘CHA’ and ‘RPO’ pass holders. They all count over 20years experience in the job and I am happy to say their conduct and reputation on the field has been unblemished.

In conclusion, the association we have had with some of our Principals exceed 25years and many others spanning several years. Successful associations are built with mutual trust and confidence and I take this opportunity to thanks all our Principals for their support, cooperation and friendship that has helped us to complete 25years on a very successful note.

Last but not the least, our customers. Our customers are wide and varied and I thank each one of them with all sincerity for patronizing our products and services. We have at all times aspired to provide the best in terms of the products/services.

Finally, none would have been possible if not for the staff of HRCC(P)L. I thank each and every member of the staff both past and present for their unstinted commitment to work.

Kushaantha Nanayakkara
Chief Executive