HighChem R Vet Lab

We specialize in Veterinary Diagnostics that include instruments and reagents, all products we market are from manufacturers that are specialized in research and development for veterinary in both in vitro and in vivo diagnostics. The equipment we market are veterinary specific and all our principals hold CE certification, TUV ISO13485:2016, ISO and Good manufacturing practice (GMP). Some of the manufacturers have registered many intellectual property and patent for inventions.

With pride we state that we were the first in Sri Lanka to introduce veterinary specific point of care testing (POCT). Currently we offer POCT Dry Biochemistry, Hormone/virus, PCR and Hemoglobin testing analyzers. HighChem R – Vet Labs is also proud to announce that we are importers and marketers of Vet Ultrasound Scanners, Vet Hematology Analyzers, , Veterinary Monitors, Vet ECG machines, Microscopes, Vet X ray, Dental are some of the categories. All services are available to both the State and Private sector Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals, We focus on being a provider for all veterinary equipment and consumables while offering an unparalleled service.

Clearing & Freight Forwarding

We provide Clearing and Freight Forwarding services of sea and air freight cargo.

HRTS is a wholly owned subsidiary of HighChem R Ceylon Company (Private) Limited.  Our staff are all CHU, RPU and A pass holders with years of industry experience.  With our finely tuned procedures and processes, and utilizing all available electronic services, we ensure a proactive approach from initial enquiry, pre-shipment documentation and procedures to fast tracking clearance.  In most instances we clear air freight cargo within 24 hours and sea freight cargo between 24 to 72 hrs.

Industrial Chemicals and Allied Products

We supply Liquid Chlorine, Anhydrous Ammonio, Caustic Soda, Micro Pearls and Glove Formers for the latex glove industry, Cellulose Sausage Casings, and selective fluorescent pigments.

Our innovation and growth continues, and  we are now able to provide Isolated Soya protein for the meat/food industry.  We have also recently added a new product to the Sri Lanka market – Liquid Smoke, a natural smoke flavoring in liquid and powder form, a much-loved US product.




Medical Diagnostics/ Laboratory Equipment & Allied Products

We provide Analyzers and test profiles for Biochemistry, Serology, Microbiology, Tissue Typing, Hematology, Electrolyte, Coagulation and Automated Platforms for IFT, Elisa and Line Blot testing. We also are authorized agents for quantitative and precise ELISA kits, Indirect Immunofluorescence with unrivalled quality and diversity along with line blot in chip format for the Diagnosis of Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases and Allergies. Our facilities also provide the medical profession with Gold Standard Immunocap Allergy testing reagents and analyzers.


We have now extended our portfolio to specialize in PCR Equipment/Test Kits, Rapid Tests for a wide range of conditions and Point of Care Testing Analyzers.


We are the only company in Sri Lanka to provide Laboratory Out-sourcing which we have been carrying out for the past 15 years.  We send samples (blood, serum, wax blocks) to India for those tests not done in Sri Lanka or for tests that need a second opinion. These India-based labs we work with are both CAP accredited US based reference labs. Firm contracts are signed with courier / airline companies to ensure our samples are carried to the destination fast and safely. The test results, which conform to International standards are released on-line and if necessary our clinicians have access to the board members to discuss reports.  We offer this service to both the State and Private sector health care Professionals and  Medical Institutions.


Electrostatic Powder Coatings and Allied Products

HighChem R Ceylon Company (Private) Limited is the first company to introduce an ex-stock electrostatic Powder Coating operation in Sri Lanka. Our powders are mainly  for aluminum and steel fabrications and our experience extends over 20 years. Our association with the main players in this industry goes back to Herberts AG, DuPont USA and now Axalta USA. Our Powders are mainly from Indonesia, Malaysia and China. With the resources our Principals possess, we are able to find any solutions for electrostatic powder coatings whether thermostatic or thermoplastic in nature.

Pretreating chemicals – we have simple three-in-one chemicals for rust removal, degreasing and Phosphating, we also have 3 to 11 stage hot and cold processes. Our Principals are more than competent to cater to any specific customer requirement.

Booths/Guns/Oven – Turnkey solutions can be provided for any customer requirement.

Polyester Putty – We have the only putty/cataloy paste in Sri Lanka that is heat resistant and electroconductive. As such, this is the most suitable putty/cataloy paste for electrostatic powder coatings.