HighChem R Vet Lab

We specialize in Veterinary Diagnostics that include instruments and reagents, all products we market are from manufacturers that are specialized in research and development for veterinary in both in vitro and in vivo diagnostics. The equipment we market are veterinary specific and all our principals hold CE certification, TUV ISO13485:2016, ISO and Good manufacturing practice (GMP). Some of the manufacturers have registered many intellectual property and patent for inventions.

With pride we state that we were the first in Sri Lanka to introduce veterinary specific point of care testing (POCT). Currently we offer POCT Dry Biochemistry, Hormone/virus, PCR and Hemoglobin testing analyzers. HighChem R – Vet Labs is also proud to announce that we are importers and marketers of Vet Ultrasound Scanners, Vet Hematology Analyzers, , Veterinary Monitors, Vet ECG machines, Microscopes, Vet X ray, Dental are some of the categories. All services are available to both the State and Private sector Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals, We focus on being a provider for all veterinary equipment and consumables while offering an unparalleled service.